Grief Leadership is needed now more than ever! Learn how to create a grief inclusive corporate culture.

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Be the Support That Clients Need During the Toughest Times of Their Life.

How do you help clients and employees through this difficult transition?

We train leaders to build trust and empathy with their clients so that they can support them during the toughest moments of their life.

☑︎ Confidence

☑︎ Empathy

☑︎ Grief Literacy

  Do you struggle with:

  • Feeling helpless, powerless and unprepared to help your grieving clients
  • Fear of not knowing what to say or do
  • A lack of understanding about grief and loss
  • Feeling ill-equipped with skills surrounding grief
  • Awkward, uncomfortable conversations

 1 on 1 Coaching

Grief leadership is critical. You value your team and clients. Learn best practices, protocols and tools that retain, attract and support bereaved clients.

Live Webinars

Get your team on board to create a grief smart environment. Develop  communication skills,  empathetic actions, rapport based protocols that engage clients who are experiencing loss.  

Keynote or Workshop

Advocate across your industry and offices. Bring your colleagues together for a day of learning and application. Walk away with key action steps that retain, attract and support clients through life's transitions. 

We get it - Engaging grieving clients is hard.

How do you know what to say, how to communicate, how to follow up immediately after a death? How do you confidently provide the necessary tools to help your grieving client? How do you remain their trusted advisor and help them safely navigate financial matters? We teach you how to connect, engage  and walk with them through life's most difficult transition.

Ready to cut through the awkwardness?

Learning to talk about grief is a practiced skill. Creating empathetic conversations normalizes grief which leads to deep connection and meaning.



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I'm Kathi Balasek


I’m Kathi Balasek, educator, client connection coach, grief communication consultant, podcast host, and speaker.

Here's the facts. Most people were never really taught how to communicate with people going through grief and loss.

This became very evident when I became a young widow raising five children. I had to re-learn how to navigate the world not only for my family but for my future.  I learned very quickly that what people do and say will either help or hurt, connect or disconnect.

Once a teacher, always a teacher.  With 20+ years of teaching and coaching, I know that connection, empathy and meeting people where they are is what builds relationships.  Currently, I am a lecturer at California State University where I train future teachers.  

My mission, is to teach everyone the empathetic language of loss.  We will ALL experience grief and loss. Grief leadership and communication is critical right now.  Join me in this cultural conversation.

Your Guide on How to Communicate Authentically With Someone Who is Grieving.

We have all had moments of loss. What you say is important.


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